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About Jes Urban Farms

Meet Troy and Sharon, the dynamic duo behind Jes Urban Farms. The personal stories of these two green thumbs are rich with experience and passion for gardening and sustainable food production.  Wherever these two lived, they would create some kind of a garden or if that wasn’t possible, would help out in their friends’ gardens.

Together they have created Jes Urban Farms, located on the Sunshine Coast, BC to inspire, educate and sell vertical growing, Aeroponic Tower Garden® systems in both residential and commercial sizes. Since moving to the coast they have enjoyed both soil-based and Tower Garden® growing.

Because of the increasingly unpredictable climate, the lack of affordable, arable land, water shortages in the summer, food being shipped long distances, (and the subsequent carbon impact), and especially the lack of locally grown food in the winter, Jes Urban Farms sought out solutions. They believe the answer to all these problems are solved using the Tower Gardens®.

“I found Troy Edwards to be reliable, knew his business, and can be trusted.”

George Grafton, Tower Garden Owner, Gibsons, BC

About Troy

Troy Edwards was accepted into Canadian Chiropractic College in 1973 with a full scholarship, but he declined knowing his true calling was to be a commercial organic farmer and gardener.

For the next 13 years he did both, north of Toronto and in Kamloops BC. While he has done many things over the years, he has always had his hands in the soil, maintaining a love and passion for the role that nutrient-dense food plays in optimal health.

About Sharon

Growing up on a dairy farm and playing in her father’s small garden is the beginning of Sharon’s story. She was disconnected from gardening for a long period of her adult life and when she met Troy, was reintroduced to her passion for gardening. Growing food is ‘in her blood’ starting from a young age and Sharon loved bringing it back into her life.

Sharon is so inspired and thrilled to be eating fresh food from the Tower Gardens® throughout the winter months and eager to share this with others.

In the summer of 2017, the managers of Persephone Brewing Company, came to see Troy and Sharon’s Tower Garden® farm, and they were impressed with the quality and quantity of food that could be grown in a short period of time using the Tower Gardens®.

Troy and Sharon had spent the previous year proving that this growing system works in the Pacific Northwest, and now it was time to showcase what they were doing to the public. With the generous offer to use one of the greenhouses at Persephone Brewing Company, Jes Urban Farms initiated their operation there on November 1, 2017, and had tremendous success growing food that winter.

Jes Urban Farms has a vision to inspire & help people to grow their own fresh food, year round (even in Canada)

and we believe the Tower Garden system is the solution!

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